A Regional Advisory Council (RAC) is an organized group of local citizens representing all health care entities within a specified Trauma Service Area (TSA). These health care entities include all trauma facilities, physicians, nurses and EMS Providers. A RAC is a formal organization chartered by the Bureau of Emergency Management under legislative mandate to develop and implement a regional emergency medical service/trauma system plan and to oversee trauma system networking with others in the Trauma Service Area. All counties in the State of Texas have been grouped into 22 TSA’s lettered A through V. The Areas are all multi-county and contain a minimum of three counties.

The Rio Grande Valley “RAC” Trauma Regional Advisory Council for TSA “V” Inc. was recognized by Department of State Health Services (DSHS) in 1995. The primary purpose of the RAC is to address trauma system development and trauma care in the Rio Grande Valley. The Trauma Regional Advisory Council will allow all healthcare and members to have equal opportunities on participation. Trauma Service Area V is the geographic area which lies at the southern-most tip of Texas. It consists of four counties, Cameron, Hidalgo and Starr which border Mexico and Willacy County which lies to the north of Cameron County. There are 12 Hospitals within the region, 12 of which are now trauma designated facilities. Cameron County contains Valley Baptist Medical Center at Brownsville, Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville, Harlingen Medical Center, and Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. Hidalgo County contains Knapp Medical Center in Weslaco, McAllen Medical Center, Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen, McAllen Heart Hospital, Edinburg Regional Medical Center, Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance and Mission Regional Medical Center. Willacy County contains no hospitals and Starr County Memorial Hospital in Rio Grande City.