The Texas Legislature wanted trauma care resources to be available to every citizen. The creation of a regionalized trauma system throughout the state was mandated in 1989. Rules for implementation of the trauma system were adopted by the Texas Board of Health in January 1992. These rules divided the State into 22 regions called Trauma Service Areas (TSA’s), which required each region to develop a Regional Advisory Council (RAC). Each RAC was then charged with developing and implementing a regional trauma system plan. The Rio Grande Valley is designated as Trauma Service Area “V”. Its members are comprised of representatives from Cameron, Hidalgo, Willacy and Starr Counties. Development of the Rio Grande Valley TRAC began in 1993. Initial Bylaws and rules were adopted.The TSA-V Regional Trauma Plan was approved by the Texas Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Management and its members remain committed to the continued improvement and development of trauma care in the region.