Facilities Quick Reference

a)  Trauma alert patients are transported to the nearest appropriate facility. Sexual assault patients are transported to the nearest SANE facility.

b) Free standing Emergency Centers (FEC’s) accept Priority 3 patients. (See TRAC V typing matrix)

c)  Stroke capable facilities are able to administer tPA to ischemic stroke

CountyFacilityAddressTrauma DesignationStroke DesignationStroke CapablePCI CapableSANE FacilityBariatric CT Lbs/inPost ROSC Hypothermia
HidalgoDoctor’s Hospital at Renaissance
5501 S. McColl Rd., EdinburgIIYesYesYes600/70Yes
HidalgoSouth Texas Health Systems – Edinburg
1102 W. Trenton Rd., EdinburgIVIIYesNoNo450/60Yes
CameronHarlingen Medical Center
5501 S. Expressway 77, HarlingenIVIYesYesNo650/70Yes
HidalgoKnapp Medical Center
1401 E. 8th St., WeslacoIIIIIYesNoNo400/70Yes
HidalgoSouth Texas Health Systems – Heart
1900 S. D Street, McAllenIVIIYesYesNo450/70Yes
HidalgoMcAllen Medical Center
301 W. Expressway 83, McAllenIIYesNoYes450/70Yes
HidalgoMission Regional Medical Center
900 Bryan Rd., MissionIVNoYesYesNo660/70Yes
HidalgoRio Grande Regional Medical Center
101 E. Ridge Rd., McAllenIIIIIYesYesNo475/49Yes
StarrStarr County Memorial Hospital
128 N. FM 3167 Rio Grande CityIVNoNoOnly tPANo600/72No
CameronValley Baptist Medical Center
100 W. Jefferson, BrownsvilleIIIIIYesYesNo450/70Yes
CameronValley Baptist Medical Center
2101 Pease St., HarlingenIIIYesYesYes450/70Yes
CameronValley Regional Medical Center
100 East Alton Gloor, BrownsvilleIIIIIYesYesNo500/70Yes